For someone vacation dreams

Chalets and cottages have existed for a long time. Some people go to the countryside just to relax and unwind. Another is for punishment, I mean especially children, because they can not sit at home with their great computer or Playstationa. They don't have the luxury of a huge plasma in front of him for an hour an hour all day, it can bother them and that we adults have to understand, the children again apparently do not understand how it can entertain us to be somewhere in the countryside, where there is silence and calm, basically where nothing here.
Some people enjoy taking
But some of us do the most to rest. They don't need a busy street and thousands of people around, just a little bit of nature and singing birds on trees. A sparkling wind that dere through trees and fields. That's the rest of it. You'd probably have to rest every time at least once in a while.

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