Choose your Galaxy Door

Do you have a small kitchen and need to have at least a little look bigger and more spacious? Then use our lacqued, which visually enlarges its entire space.
Are not just an essential part of your furniture. It also completes the overall look of your house and apartment. Choose the right right for you with us. On our website you can find different types of doors and other goods that you will surely appreciate. Remember that the door also completes the character of your apartment, but also suggests your preferences.
Door lacqued
Varnted have a lot of advantages. They resist the penetration of moisture very well. You can choose between Matt Varnish, which gives the space a touch of elegance and mystery, or, conversely, glossy varnish, which, on the contrary, will shine the entire space and visually enlarge it. Our painted door can be used both in the kitchen and in the living quarters of your apartment.

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